How an AK-47 Works (3D Animation)

This 3D animation from Matt Rittman demonstrates how an AK-47 works. The video features both semi-auto and full-auto animation.

How the AK-47 Works:

  • When the trigger is pulled, the hammer releases and strikes the firing pin.
  • The firing pin strikes the bullet primer, which contains a compound that explodes to ignite the propellant.
  • Expanding gases force projectile out through the barrel, and the gas piston backward.
  • The bolt carrier is forced back, ejecting the case.
  • The bolt pulls a new round from the magazine and inserts into the chamber.
  • The bolt carrier also resets the hammer to the starting position.
  • The sear keeps the hammer held in place until the bolt carrier returns to position.
  • To Fire in Full-Auto
    • The selector is moved to the middle position.
    • This holds the disconnector back, keeping it from catching the hammer while the trigger is pressed.