FLUX MP17 (SBR Version)

A look at the soon-to-be-released FLUX MP17 (SBR Version) from Flux Defense. The FLUX MP17 allows the Sig M17/18 and Sig P320 line of pistols to be shouldered like a carbine, but holstered like a pistol.

Don’t worry Glock Fans… Flux Defense makes a version that is compatible with Glock pistols.

Flux Defense FLUX MP17 – SBR Version:

  • Features:
    • Compatible With:
      • Sig M17/18, Sig P320™ Full size, X-Five full size, Tacops Full Size. To use the P320™ carry, compact, and subcompact, you must use a comp, threaded barrel, or suppressor or serious injury could occur.
    • Holds up to 43 rounds. Carries an extra mag.
    • QD mount for slings.
    • Optional Duty Holster – Level 2 Retention. Multi-light compatible – most Streamlight, Surefires and Inforces.
    • The drop in holster is suppressor compatible as well.
    • Patent Pending one-handed deployment. (Spring-loaded.)
    • Optic mount works with most red dot sights – Trijicon RMR™, Holosun®, Leupold Deltapoint™, and more. It also works with a pic rail for use with larger optics like, Aimpoint®, Eotech® etc.
    • Pic rail for pistol flashlights and IR Lights/Lasers – Optional Duty Holster works with most lights/lasers made for pistols.
  • Specs:
    • Weight: 2.8Lbs (With full size slide – empty)
    • Size (Collapsed):
    • Height: 5.75”
    • Length: 10.75”
    • Width: 1.6”