CAA MCK Micro Conversion Kit for Glock, S&W, Sig Sauer

The CAA MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) is a stabilizer for your Glock, Smith & Wesson, or Sig Sauer pistol. The MCK is available in a NON-NFA product version (with standard long stabilizer brace), or a NFA product version (with stock).

CAA MCK (Micro Conversion Kit):

  • No pistol disassembly required – Just place pistol into the kit, lock, and go
  • Allows for multiple handgun models into one platform
  • Ergonomic Finger Groove Grip for more stability
  • Top Picatinny rail, allowing a combination of sights and/or optics
  • Side Picatinny rails for mounting additional accessories, i.e… thumb-rests
  • Ambidextrous fast and easy handling
  • Right-folding stock arm brace for easy concealment and carry, locks in the folded position
  • Front spare magazine holder for a faster reload
  • Built-in charging handle allowing for quicker assembly/disassembly
  • Exposed slide release for direct contact and easier use