P-64 Pistol Wolff Spring Installation

Sootch demonstrates a Wolff spring installation on a P-64 pistol and demonstrates the decreased trigger pull at the range.

Check out the review of the P-64 pistol prior to the Wolff spring installation: P-64 Pistol Review.

P-64 Specs:

  • Cartridge: 9x18mm Makarov
  • Action: Blowback
  • Muzzle Velocity: 305 m/s (1,001 ft/s)
  • Effective Firing Range: Sights fixed for 25 m
  • Feed System: 6-round detachable box magazine
  • Sights: Rear notch and front blade
  • Weight: 620 g (22 oz)
  • Length: 160 mm (6.3 in)
  • Barrel length: 84.6 mm (3.3 in)
  • Height: 117 mm (4.6 in)