Odin Works AR-15 KMod Forend

A review and range demo of the Odin Works AR-15 KMod Forend. The Kmod Forend shown in this review is the 12.5″. Odin Works also makes a 9.5″ and 15.5″.

The KeyMod system offers a mounting platform for accessories and is lightweight without sacrificing strength or structural integrity. All Odin Works KMod free float forends include a KMod accessory rail (with keymod nuts), forend adapter, barrel nut, Vibra-Tite, and 6 6-32 screws.

Odin Works KMod Forend Specs:

  • Made to VLTOR WEAPONS SYSTEMS KeyMod specifications.
  • Free float.
  • Made from 6005-T651 Aluminum.
  • Inside diameter: 1.6″
  • Outside diameter: W-1.8″ H-2.1″
  • Engineered with advanced ergonomics for comfort and improved performance.
  • Continuous/uninterrupted Picatinny Rail across the top.
  • Accessory rails can be placed at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions and can be joined to create continuous Pic Spec Rail.
  • QD sling mount positions at 3 and 9 o’clock.
  • Key slots double as QD sling mount positions.
  • Engineered to allow for low profile gas block to fit inside.
  • Length / Weight:
    • 9.5” / 8.35 oz
    • 12.5” / 10.15 oz
    • 15.5” / 11.55 oz