SRM 1216 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

It’s a MAC range day! Firearms tested include the SRM 1216 Semi-Automatic shotgun, IWI Tavor with 9mm conversion, and Bullpup Unlimited 870 shotgun.

SRM 1216 Specs:

  • Length: 32 ½”
  • Weight: 7.25 lbs
  • Magazine Type: Detachable – High Capacity Manually Indexing
  • Magazine Capacity: 16 rounds
  • Action Type: Semi-Automatic
  • Cartridge: 12 Gauge, 2 ¾” and 3” Shells
  • Round Types: Game loads, Trap loads, #00 Buck, other specialty rounds

BPU-870 Specs:

  • Part Number: 1001
  • Designed to accept a wide variety of aftermarket AR-style accessories
  • Familiar AR-style grip and safety Split-trigger for increased safety
  • Variety of rail mounting areas for tactical accessories
  • Super-smooth and contoured slide release area
  • Rugged shell deflector for left handed shooters
  • Ergonomically shaped and easy-to-grip slide forearm
  • Generous access to loading port
  • Conversion assembles easily with tools provided
  • Easy to follow conversion instructions included
  • Multiple ambidextrous sling points for 1-point and 2-point sling
  • Field strips with tools included under butt pad
  • Manufactured from rugged, hi-tech, molded materials
  • Features an easy-to-grip, non-reflective surface texture
  • Does not in any way alter the original shotgun
  • Overall thickness: 2.75, width: 8, length: 28
  • This conversion kit only fits the 12 gauge Remington 870 shotgun. It will not work with a 3 1/2 inch receiver, ribbed barrel, 18 inch barrel with rifle sights.