Robotic Target System

An overview and range demo of the Targabot Robotic Target System by TARGAMITE.

Test weapons include a Colt 1911 XSE, Glock 19, Mossberg 590 Shotgun, Ruger SR-556 Rifle.

Targetbot Features:

  • Targabot Functional Overview:
    • Up & Down or 180° Rotational Movement Patterns or COMBINATIONS OF BOTH FUNCTIONS
    • Light Weight for One Person Portability
    • Autonomously or Remote Controlled
    • Battery or AC Powered
    • User Programmable:  Comes with Built-In Sequence Patterns or Create Your Own on Your PC
  • Targabots Offer Trainers & Shooters:
    • A new dimension of challenge and training engagement through user-programmable robotics
    • Reduction of time allocated to operator marksmanship and small arms skills development
    • Enhancement of live-fire predictive engagement and marksmanship capabilities
    • Produces dramatic improvement in critical rapid target acquisition effectiveness
    • Random movement sequencing that more closely reflects unpredictable “field” conditions
    • Random switching between “good guy” / “bad guy” / “hostage” targets
    • Improvement of the operator’s ability to discern and react to enemy vs. non-combatants
    • Complex, variable movement sequencing within a small footprint
    • User programmability and simulation (via an easy graphic-oriented computer interface)
    • Wireless remote control options (real-time sequencing by the user or trainer)
    • Adaptability to accommodate different training requirements
    • Difficulty and complexity ramping to accommodate individual user progress and pacing
    • Networking of multiple units to create complex training and rehearsal scenarios
    • Portability (less than 20 lbs. – one-person deployable)
    • Long-distance control capability for the sniper and designated marksman
    • Compatibility with all existing paper target formats
    • Will accept future optional Laser Targets, Hit Counter and Virtual Gongs
    • Battery or AC power (field or range deployable)
    • Adaptors for hanging Targabots behind standard AR steel targets and other barriers
    • Low price – the same cost as many static steel targets