Starbucks No Gun Policy

Colion Noir weighs in on the Starbucks no gun policy.

On a sidenote… I realize that many of the gun owners out there enjoy Starbucks’ products, and don’t want to give it up. Here’s the thing… you don’t have to. BUT, PLEASE stop trying to justify your continued patronage by saying that Starbucks is not anti-gun. They are! But, this is America… if you are comfortable continuing to give an anti-gun business your money, that is your right…. It certainly isn’t the approach I will take with Starbucks, but that’s just me.


14 thoughts on “Starbucks No Gun Policy”

  1. Yup.. basically he said exactly what I've been trying to say to many people and in many posts on Facebook. Just wish I had the ability to articulate my point as well as Mr. Colion Noir can. Good job sir.. keep it up.

  2. Kenneth, I see you have the vocabulary and social developement of a first grade child so I will keep this short and easy to understand. Go home, put on your big boy pants, and come back when you can talk like a big boy. We like using logic and reasoning to cover topics and resolve differences here. Your basesless and abiguous comments are like dick and fart jokes, entertaining only to you and some mentaly defficient sidekick.

  3. This is the first time I don't agree 100 percents with Mr Colion Noir .this time my take is that conceal carry and maybe handguns open carry on people's hip would have been ok . When people go to a coffey shop to have pictures of themselves taken while holding a large tactical shotgun or an AR 15 ……I think that is more than a little "overkill" and I can see and understand how that could make some people more than a little uncomfortable even if they were not totally anti gunners to start with ! I think that most of those who feel the need to take a lo g gun to Starbuck are just showi g f or tryi g to rub it in the libs faces…! Another few are actually thinki g they are either educating the public or desencetizing it by horrifyi g it to death like maybe that young woman with her brand new baby or those older folks in the corner overthere who barelly got to the shop with the help of a walker etc….and who can't figure out what's go na happen next with that guy who is holding a tactical shotgun in one hand and a large late in the other….!? Starbuck had asked us to not use them as a battle ground or put them in the middle of our political fight ver guns and gun control……so what did some of us do…….????!! Till than ; they didn't seem to care if peole legally conceal carried in their establishments . Nice and discreet !

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