Proper Ammo Storage

Barry of Moss Pawn and Gun discusses proper ammo storage.

Channel Notes:
There are a few things that my associate did not discuss in the video. In term of safety, you should exercise caution where you store considerable quantities of ammo. Obviously, make sure there are no fire hazards present, or that you do not store ammo in an area where if it catches fire you won’t have a contained explosion. Basically, treat ammo like you would powder and primers for hand loading. One of my favorite ways to store ammo is buy those nicer plastic Rubbermaid containers and store the ammo in it’s factory box inside of those containers with a silica gel packet in each one. When loading magazines with ammo for storage, especially with steel cased ammo, always wear gloves so you do not contaminate the ammo. Same goes for brass cased ammo as well. The oils and acids from your skin, depending on your body chemistry, can actually stain and corrode even brass.