Arsenal Firearms Strike One

A slow motion video that compares the muzzle raise and cycle time of the Arsenal Firearms Strike One vs several other handguns.

Arsenal Firearms Strike One Specs:

  • TYPE: geometric lock, semi-automatic hammerless pistol
  • ACTION: short recoil, in line barrel, patented locking block system
  • CALIBERS: 9×19 Para, 9×21 IMI, .357 SIG, .40 S&W
  • TRIGGER: automatic safety, Single Action only
  • SAFETIES: single arc trigger safety, with firing pin automatic safety
  • MAGAZINE: with ambidextrous push-button release, 17 rounds, staggered
  • FRAME: reinforced polymer or Ergal light alloy
  • SLIDE: with front and rear cocking panels, rebated ceiling
  • SIGHTS: interchangeable back plate/sight, fixed or adjustable, or Micro-Dot ready
  • TOTAL LENGTH: 210 mm (Combat version 190 mm)
  • BARREL LENGTH: 128 mm (Combat version 110 mm)
  • TOTAL HEIGHT: 143 mm (Combat version 120 mm)
  • TOTAL WIDTH: 33 mm (all versions)
  • TOTAL WEIGHT (POLYMER): 750 Grs. (Combat version 700 Grs.)
  • TOTAL WEIGHT (ERGAL): 890 Grs. (Combat version 790 Grs.)

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