Surviving an Active Shooter Event

The City of Houston has released a video designed to teach people how to react during an active shooter event.

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.  Surviving an Active Shooter Event, depicts a workplace shooting scenario.

A couple interesting points:

  1. The “Gun Free Zone” sign does nothing to prevent the shooter from entering the building.
  2. Multiple people are shot (and possibly killed) before law enforcement arrives.
  3. Because this is a “Gun Free Zone”, when the innocent people are forced to fight, they must do so with chairs and fire extinguishers.
  4. When law enforcement arrives, they are not armed with chairs and fire extinguishers. Why? Because this would put them at a severe disadvantage, similar to that of the innocent victims.

Bad people do bad things. This has always been the case. Do you really want to try to defend yourself (and your family) with an “Assault” Chair or an “Assault” Fire Extinguisher?  If not, actively support the Second Amendment!

1 thought on “Surviving an Active Shooter Event”

  1. If all those workers could by law be armed then a active shooter wouldn’t last long before he was taken down & in fact he might even not hit his first target if he is fired on right away!

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