Starbucks Gun Policy Boycott

As you have probably heard, the National Gun Victims Action Council began a boycott of Starbucks because of their pro-gun policy. Basically, Starbucks has stated that they will follow the gun laws of the states in which they operate. In other words, carrying guns in Starbucks is perfectly fine in most states.

However, it seems that the National Gun Victims Council feels that Starbucks should be punished for this. So, do your part to support companies who support the Second Amendment… GO TO STARBUCKS!

Below is a 2/15/12 interview with Elliot Fineman, President and Chief Execute Officer of the National Gun Victims Action Council.

9 thoughts on “Starbucks Gun Policy Boycott”

  1. What kind of a MORON s=is this guy?you are just giving Star BUcks More buisness.I would go there IF i didnt Own a GUN and keep going just too make YOU look bad.YOU CAN TAKE AWAY THE 2A.

  2. Peculiar reason?? They are “savvy” enough to understand we have a Constitution and elect to allow US citizens who have a legal right to protect themselves a place to enjoy a coffee product while doing so. Whatever California company you want to mention is understandable seeing as they stifle a US citizen’s right to protect themselves and, like you and your liberal cohorts, trample them regularly to further your socialist agendas. Screw you.

  3. What a jerk. Not only does he want to prevent people from exercising a basic civil right he want to prevent Starbucks from operating as they see fit which is their right.

  4. This guy is a clown who doesn’t understand that legal gun owners are MORE law abiding than non gun owners. GET A CLUE FINEMAN……..

  5. Let me be sure I understand this… You want me to boycott a company because they allow a US Citizen to get a coffee while going about their daily life and legally doing what the Constitution clearly says is their right? Until now, I wasn’t a Starbucks fan, but I will be now and in the future!